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320 new machines for the computing service

Maj : 26 novembre 2004

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In order to reinforce the linux platform, the IN2P3 Computing Center purchased 320 new computers this year. These new machines are NEC PCs, dual Xeon 2.8Ghz with 2GB memory and 200GB disk space.

The first 96 machines are already running the operating system Scientific Linux 3.0.3 in our batch service. The next 96 computers will join the computing service on december 15th 2004. The 128 last ones will be added at the end of january 2005.

All Linux boxes at CC-IN2P3 should migrate to Scientific Linux by the end of 2005. We invite all CC-IN2P3 users to work under the Scientific Linux environment. is the symbolic name of the interactive platform. For batch submission on this new operating system, the option platform of the command qsub must be used as shown.

$ qsub -l platform=newLINUX myjob

The archiving service Elliot is not yet avalaible on this new platform.

For further information, please contact the CC-IN2P3 user support team at

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