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CC-IN2P3 Openstack cloud : update to Havana (17-18/06/2014)

6 June 2014

Dear all,

Due to the other operations scheduled during the scheduled shutdown of June 17th the Openstack cloud will be shut down completely from tuesday June 17th (from 8:00) with a restart expected on wednesday afternoon (from 16:00). Maintenance operations and migration to Havana 2013.2.3. will be performed.

Thank you for your understanding, CC-IN2P3 User Support

> Dear cloud user, > the Openstack cloud platform will be updated during the next > scheduled outage on June 17th. The cluster will be updated from > Grizzly 2013.1.4 to Havana 2013.2.3.

> The update is transparent to a certain extent. The resources (VMs > and volumes) wont be shut off. The access to the public APIs though > will be disabled during the whole day which means you won’t be able > to modify your provisioned infrastructure.

> As always, risk of resources shutdown is unlikely but possible. > You should perform backups of your vital data at least 48h hours > before the D-day and snapshot vital VMs. > On behalf of the cloud operators team,