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Current Change of CC-IN2P3 BQS batch system to GE (Grid Engine)

27 avril 2011

The process of system change to CC-IN2P3 Batch is started, from BQS to GE (Grid Engine 6.2u5). So far the platform Batch GE has 114 computing nodes (912 cores, 8.6 K-HS06). Next week will be added 133 computing nodes (1064 cores, 10-K HS06), ie we put at your provide a cluster representing 17% of our sequential computing resources from the center. In addition, 128 additional cores are dedicated to parallel computing. This migration will continue according to schedule following : - 60% of Workers will be gradually migrated to Grid Engine by the end of June - The rest of computing nodes will be switched to summer, and in September, GE will become the platform default for Batch. - BQS stop working as soon as possible, no later than the end of this year. Grid jobs will soon be interfaced with Grid Engine, in a second time. We will keep you informed at all stages of this migration. We urge you to use this platform to introduce you to this new system more quickly and thus facilitate the implementation of your production in CC. To do this, you are invited to connect to the GE access machines ****. The documentation is here :
- describes in more detail how to start and run jobs.
- describes the main GE commands.
- provides a translation from old BQS commands to Grid Engine. Support for the Computer Centre is at your disposal in case of any problems or questions :

Sincerely, CC-IN2P3 Support

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