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Electrical works at CC-IN2P 3 on Sep 22/23/24th 2009

11 September 2009

Dear all,

As you already know, electrical works are scheduled at the IN2P3 Computing Center from September 22nd to September 24th.

Batch queues will be progressively shut down, starting on September 20th, for the longest batch queues. The batch will be completely closed at 7 AM on september 22nd, and workernodes will be shut down.

On 22th, interventions will be done for dCache, HPSS, BQS and some of the worker nodes will be migrated to SL5, between 8AM and 14PM.

dCache transfers between Cern and CC will only be interrupted during an Dcache upgrade (2H estimates) on september 22nd.

You will be able to follow the evolution of the running works one CC-IN2P3 web site :

Caution: Read accesses to dCache files will be unavailable from 22nd to 24th, and interactive service will be degraded during thes 3 days.

Services will be progressively stared on 25th in the morning. Depending on the electric works on 24th, some of the services sould be started earlier than foreseen.

For any further inquires, please, get in touch with the User Support team of the CC-IN2P3, .