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Accueil du site > News > Computer News > End of AFS mail on june 2nd 2008

End of AFS mail on june 2nd 2008

Updated : 28 May 2008

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1. Description

Each CC-IN2P3 UNIX account is associated with an electronic mail address such as . If no forwarding address has been configured, electronic mails are delivered in the AFS space (/afs/ directory tree), and are accessible from the interactive farm using mail readers such as pine or mutt.

2. End of AFS mail space

As from June 2nd 2008 mail delivery in the AFS space will be permanently stopped. The AFS directory tree "/afs/" will still remain available after the shutdown of the AFS mail.

Electronic address like will still remain valid for each UNIX account. Users are invited to change their mail forward now.

3. Mail forwarding

Mail forwarding can be configured using the email command line on interactive platform.

- Example :

       # display mail forward configuration

       $ email
       email = None

       # mail forward configuration

       $ email -p
       Your new email adress will be effective only tomorrow.
       Then, any mail to will be redirected to the
       new email adress you've choosen,

       $ email
       email =

As from may 5th 2008 , users will be asked to configure their forwarding address when logging in interactive service.

4. IMAP Mail account at CC-IN2P3

Users without an electronic mail account outside of CC-IN2P3 can ask for a CC-IN2P3 IMAP mail account. Please contact your local staff.

For further information, the CC-IN2P3 user support team is at your disposal.