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Inhibition of RFIO API for HPSS

4 September 2007

Inhibition of RFIO API for HPSS

The access to HPSS via the RFIO API will be restricted from the 18th September 2007. The access thru rfcp will be granted on. All RFIO comands will run but rfcat.

Are concerned people using root for accessing directly an HPSS file or people using RFIO API in their applications for accessing HPSS files.

The return code EINVAL (22) will be returned on the following operations: open/fopen, open64 in V3 mode, read/fread, write/fwrite, lseek/fseek and lseek64/fseek64.

The alternative ways is to use Xrootd or dCache.

HPSS team