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We have set up an LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) server to manage the institutes laboratory personnel database. Each laboratory is responsible for the content. This service is accessible via the Web from the address:

This service also allows the automatic address search when composing a message. Mail agents (Netscape, Pine, Outlook, Mail, ...) are able to send an LDAP query based on the name (or partial name) of a person and to associate address to her. This allows to send a message without knowing the email address of the addressee, to decrease the volume of "address books", to ensure that the data is up to date.

- How to configure your preferred mail agent?
- It’s easy :-)
- Here is how to proceed with Netscape version:

The "Directory Server" is accessible by Window/Address Book and then by the menu File/New/LDAP Directory. The fields to fill in the window that open are:

Name: ((My favorite LDAP server (for example)))
Hostname: (())
Base DN: o = ((in2p3, c = fr))
Port number: (389) () Bind _ MN:

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In case of problems, please submit a ticket at CC-IN2P3 User Support.

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