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OGE -> UGE migration

5 juin 2013

Dear all,

The migration to Univa Grid Engine is now completed. The number of jobs is increasing progressively.

Best regards, CC-IN2P3 User Support

On 30 mai 2013, at 13:52, wrote :

Dear user,

The CC-IN2P3 will migrate its batch system from Oracle Grid Engine to Univa Grid Engine the 5th of June. Due to a product support change, we have to deploy a new version, which is similar to a new major release.

Starting at 22h CET the previous day, we will progressively drain the farm, and will stop the batch system at 8h the 5th of June. The intervention will last until 14h and we envision a complete restart of the batch system around 15h.

There are very few changes in what concerns the usage of this new version. Some minor differences in the output of the qstat/qacct commands are reported in . The new functionalities will be used later and we will keep you informed in due time.

Thank you for your understanding. In case of any question or problem with this migration, feel free to contact us at

Best regards, CC-IN2P3 User Support

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