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The production release is Oracle 10g R2 v.

This version is hosted on a cluster. A brief technical description of this infrastructure is avalaible on this page. This page alse provide a presentation of the failover capabilities allowed by this Oracle implementation.

If you want to have usage of an development Oracle 10g database, you can address you request to the support team. We demand you to precise you request indicating :

  • the space size you need and how it will change during the next 3 years;
  • the scheduled usage of this database.

You do remind you that a development space is not built to host a production database and that the resources allocated to it are voluntarily restricted.

Once your development process completed, you can request the migration of youyr database to a fully operationnal production server.

Servers [1]

HostOSOracle version
ccdbcl01,ccdbcl02 SunOS 5.9 RAC


We have to note here that despite SL is a linux implementation based upon RHEL it is not an Oracle supported platform. To set your working environnement, please user the oracleX_env script where X is the Oracle version you want to use. Ex: type oracle9_env to use Oracle 9i R2. The Oracle clients we provide are in the /usr/local/oracle/ AFS directory.

OSOracle 9iR2 v. Oracle 10gR2 v.
Aix 4.3 - [2] -
Aix 5.1 - [2] -
Aix 5.2 - x [2]
SunOS 5.8 x x
SunOS 5.9 x x
SL 3 -x [3] -x [3]

Clients/Servers compatibility matrix

Client/Serveur 7 8i 9i 10g
7 x - - -
8i x x x -
9i - x x x
10g - - x x


The officiel Oracle documentation is avalaible on the editor web site.

[1] Oracle servers default port is 1521

[2] Need 64 bits hosts

[2] Need 64 bits hosts

[2] Need 64 bits hosts

[3] lateform not certified by Oracle

[3] lateform not certified by Oracle