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REMINDER : Cluster upgrade from SL5 to SL6

18 October 2013

As announced, lately, the CC-IN2P3 will officially switch to Scientific Linux 6 (SL6) as the default platform for batch and interactive access at the end of this month.

The operation will start from 22.10.2013 morning 40% of the cluster will be drained in order to be upgraded.

On 23.10.2013 at 8H30 the affected workers nodes will be shutdow so that we are sorry but all jobs which are still running will be deleted. Those workers node will be back gradually in the afternnon.

Consequently, 90% of cluster will run SL6, we strongly advice you to use it. The remaining SL5 workers nodes will be upgraded progressively.

In order to ease this transition just a reminder about the current status :

- Interactive SL6 platform:
- Batch SL6 platform:50% of the wall clusterr

For job submission on either SL5 or SL6 you can use:
- SL5 : ’-l os=sl5’ (default)
- SL6 : ’-l os=sl6’
- both : ’-l os="sl5|sl6"’

Beginning from 23/10 :

- ccage : SL6 interactive access
- ccagesl5 : SL5 interactive access
- Job submission : default is submitted to SL6 workers nodes If you still need SL5 workers nodes : qsub -l os=sl5

In case of any question or problem with this migration, feel free to contact us.

Thanks for your attention.

Best regards, CC-IN2P3 User Support