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SL5 availability

17 November 2009

The gradual migration of our worker nodes to the new, 32 bit compatible with, SL5-64b system is going one. Up-to-now 80% of the workers nodes available in the anastasie farm are installed with SL5, it means 6500 cores whereas 1900 cores only are installed with SL4.

This platform is the default one for the batch, the corresponding usage rules are defined later.

The SL4-64 platform will be reduced progressively, keeping only a few requested nodes, during the first semester of 2010 with the goal to discontinue this platform not later than (except for any special cases) the end of the first semester 2010.

For PISTOO farm dedicated to parallel computing, we plan to set up 272 cores at the end of November.

Of course, CEs (Computing Element), to make grid jobs reach this platform are available (see detailed specifications below).

Please note, that in parallel to the opening of this new platform, we introduce a more strict control of the access to storage resources during batch processing. The declaration of storage resources is mandatory unless the access to the service is refused.

We will keep you informed regularly about the status of this upgrade.

You are encouraged to use this platform, and to notify User Support , email : of any problem that you might encounter.

** Interactive access
- for SL5 64b
- for SL4 64b
- for SL4 32b

** Batch
- LINUX for SL5 64b
- oldLINUX for SL4 64b
- oldLINUX32 for SL4 32b

** Computing Element available
- CE : T1 CMS, LHCB,EGEE : -