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Scheduled intervention on HPSS from 1st to 5th of June 2009

18 May 2009

Dear All,

A major intervention on HPSS will take place from 1st to 5th June 2009 and this service will become unavailable. Please find below the details of this intervention:

25th May: global HPSS activity is reduced smoothly:
- Slow decrease of the HPSS resource thresholds.
- disk caches are purged gradually.

31st May:
- HPSS resources are drained: all the jobs requiring HPSS resources will be blocked in queue.
- Migrations of files to SRB, XROOTD and dCache becomes unavailable. These storage systems will be in degraded mode during this period. All the data stored on HPSS will not be accessible.
- Read/write access on HPSS becomes unavailable.

1st June:
- HPSS is stopped.

2nd June:
- Deployment of HPSS version 6.2.

3rd June:
- Validation of the new installation and tests.

4th June:
- Slow restart of HPSS with smooth increase of the HPSS resource thresholds.

5th June:
- Checks and validation of the overall installation of HPSS.
- Access to HPSS through SRB, Xrootd and dCache becomes available.

For your information, technical improvements of this intervention will be:
- Deployment on a new hardware platform with better performances.
- New tapes of type T10KB put in production (volume of 1TB supported instead of 500GB for the T10K).
- The version 6.2 is officially supported by the HPSS support.

Moreover, news related to the status of HPSS will be published on a regular basis during the intervention.


Yvan Calas