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Scheduled outage : 8th February 2011

21 January 2011

Dear all,

An outage of the IT systems at CC-IN2P3 is scheduled for the 8th February 2011. This outage will impact a part of our facilities due maintenance operations.

The entry of the jobs will be blocked progressively, depending on their duration, on the 6th February (48 hours before the intervention).

The maintenance will cover:

- BQS (batch), system update on computing workers

- HPSS Impacted services: BBFTP, RFIO, dCache, SRB, xRootd (no access to data stored in HPSS)

- TSM, migration of one server Impacted services: archive for the laboratories of the IN2P3, SRB, SPS, and DSI of the CNRS

- Oracle, extension of the disk attached to Oracle servers Impacted service: ALL services using an Oracle database: TSM, DNS, SRB, iRods, DB of experiments (Op?©ra, Antar?¨s, D0â??¦), DB LCG3D (Atlas et LHCb), VOMS, FTS, CIC portal

These services will be gradually restarted in the late afternoon on the 8th February.

We will keep you informed during the operations of the impacted services

Best regards, CC-Support