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Scheduled outage: 8th February 2011

7 February 2011

Dear all,

We remind you that we’ll have maintenance operations at CC-IN2P3 tomorrow, 8th of February 2011. See our first announcement:

Blocking the entry of the jobs has already started progressively yesterday, depending on the duration of jobs.

Tuesday, February 8, maintenance operations will be conducted between 8:00 and 19:00.

During maintenance operations, the batch services (Anastasia/Pistoo), HPSS, dCache, and xRootd will not be available. Also, any services using an Oracle database will not be available: SRB, iRods, databases of the experiments (Opera, Antares, ... D0), databases LCG3D (Atlas and LHCb), VOMS, FTS, CIC portal. There will be also some perturbations alongside interactive machines during the updates.

The batch services will be reopened from 17:00. And the remaining services will be fully available by 19:00.

Best regards, CC-Support