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Scheduled outage : May 24th 2011

29 avril 2011

Dear all,

An outage of the IT systems at CC-IN2P3 is scheduled for the 24th May 2011. This outage will impact most of our facilities due to maintenance operations.

The maintenance will cover :

DCACHE : interruption for maintenance 1 day for LHC and 2 days pour EGEE (upgrades)

HPSS : unavailable for maintenance. XROOTD will be impacted as no access to files on HPSS will be possible (should be back beginning of afternoon)

- hardware upgrade impacting all oracle databases : SRB, IRODS, OPERA, ATLAS, LHCB, CIC portal, LFC, FTS, VOMS, etc (should be back beginning of afternoon)
- upgrade impacting SRB, IRODS (unavailable the afternoon) POSTGRES : upgrade in the morning

- NETWORK : Intervention on the central router in the morning. This could imply perturbations on the network (interactives, batch)

- BATCH : Reduction of the computing farm from sunday 22nd evening to prepare for the migration of racks to the new building.

Best regards, CC-IN2P3-Support

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