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Scheduled outage : September 18th 2012

6 septembre 2012

Dear all,

An outage of the IT systems at CC-IN2P3 is scheduled for the 18th September 2012. This outage will impact the following facilities due to maintenance operations :

Batch GE : unavailable from 6h00 to 18h00 due to electrical work in the workers’ room.
- The entry of the jobs will be blocked progressively on the 17th September, depending on their duration, starting from 20h00.
- The batch will gradually restart in the evening around 18h00, without GPFS if the intervention of that service is not yet finished.

HPSS : unavailable for maintenance all day from 7h00 to 17h00.
- This intervention will impact dCache, XROOTD and IRODS because only disk files will be accessible.

GPFS : service unavailable from 6h00 to 18h00, restart of service in the evening, or later in the next morning.
- Impacted groups : adonis ams atlas babar baoradio cermep clas cms compass cral cta cup d0 dchooz edelweis glast hep hera1 hess indra integral inter jemeuso km3net lsst nantheo nemo nucifer nusol opera pauger phenix planck qcd sdss snls12 snls13 snls14 snovae star synthese t2k virgo xmm.
- The following NFS spaces will not be impacted : biometr creatis fazia hesslto ilc isc lalorsay liris lnc nantes paugerprod pft3d snovae02.superb trend xlrender

MySQL : service unavailable from 9h00 to 9h30
- Services impacted : cic, all websites xhelp, xmm, aspera, Tidra, dvcs, ams, lsm, alicetc

ORACLE : perturbations in the morning from 9h00 to 9h15
- Services impacted : AGATA, ANTARES, BBKR18, BBKR24, D0, EROS, PAUGER, SDSS

DCACHE : small interruption of 5mm for service in the morning.

Best regards, CC-IN2P3 User Support

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