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Shutdown of the sps service (/sps/hep/) on Monday 10/24

19 October 2016

To complete the migration of the /sps/hep space to the new servers, an intervention is planned for Monday 10/24. Because of this intervention, access to sps via the jobs will be blocked for 45 groups starting Sunday (10/23) morning. The day of the procedure, users will still have read-only access to the old space during synchronization but they will not have access for 1 hour in the late afternoon or Tuesday morning if the synchronization takes more time. Once the migration is complete, there will be no changes to the paths. The old space will be maintained for some time in case of problems (loss of files).

List of affected groups:

actartpc alice bordeaux ccin2p3 cobesix comet cta cup exill fazia gdrmi2b gdrnu glast grenoble hadronth hera1 ilc imnc imxgam infieri ipm jemeuso juno lalorsay laguna lbno lhcb lisaf lpnhe lyon mim mimac mnm nantes nedm phenix piperade qubic solid stereo strasb synthese trend vamos

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. Best regards, CCIN2P3 User Support