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The data storage and management at Computing Center

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The Computing Centre provides for that a whole storage systems and data management systems given answers to different needs. In order to optimize these storage systems usage, in case of heavy load, it is important and necessary to take contact with Computing Centre staff as preliminary. A constructive informations exchange will make possible to adopt the best strategy and to build all necessary storage system. The objective is, for the Computing Centre, to optimize the access performances at the best cost and to minimize the latency time to access your data.

Data storage

The distributed file systems:
- AFS at Computing Centre.
- SPS at Computing Centre (NFS & GPFS).
- dCache at Computing Centre.

The mass storage systems (disk & tapes):
- HPSS at Computing Centre.
- dCache at Computing Centre.
- Using RFIO to access to the data stored in HPSS.

The use of specific applications to access the data:
- Databases at Computing Centre.
- IRODS at Computing Centre.
- Xrootd at Computing Centre.

Data transfer

There are several tools available for copying or transferring your data and files from the Computing centre to another place (or inversely). The choice will be made according your needs in terms of performances, data volume to transfer, facility to use.

To have more information, please visit the page Data transfer.

In case of problems, please submit a ticket at CC-IN2P3 User Support.