The CC-IN2P3 provides a web hosting service to more than 130 websites, a technical hub and a high added value consultancy service to IN2P3 laboratories.

The website hosting service is intended primarily for IN2P3 projects and units but may, at the Centre’s discretion, be offered to companies, associations and event organisers whose activities are related to research. Hosted sites are very diverse in nature, varying from sites dedicated to specific experiments or events to an institution’s official web presence.

On demand virtual machines

The CC-IN2P3’s virtual machine hosting service makes it possible to provision servers on demand. This service grants access to numerous types of machines and operating systems, a quota of resources, cloud management and rich and programmable interfaces compatible with Nova and EC2.

Thanks to the above, the service offers flexible access to resources (on-demand supply, rights and full administration rights, etc.) and availability upheld by the CC-IN2P3 infrastructure.

IT equipment

The CC-IN2P3’s IT rooms benefit from optimal conditions in terms of electricity and air conditioning for hosting computer equipment. This is why it receives regular hosting requests from other organisations.

As for networks, the Centre plays a central part of the national infrastructure by hosting a regional node (RN) for RENATER, providing a very high-speed connection to all French universities and other research bodies. It also hosts points of presence for the AMPLIVIA network, the high-speed network for the Rhône-Alpes region, and Lyon university network (LyRES). In addition, the CC-IN2P3 hosts Lyonix/Rezopole, the leading exchange point for web traffic in Lyon and the surrounding region.

The CC-IN2P3 also hosts servers from the IT Services Department and the Direct Scientific Communication Centre for the CNRS, the University of Lyon and the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes regional authority.

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