Document management

The CC-IN2P3 hosts to the unique and shared collaborative document hub for the entire Institute introduced as part of the ATRIUM project. The main purpose of this hub is to ensure users that their documents will be safeguarded while providing an intuitive interface. Aimed at IN2P3 staff, it is used more widely to host documents on all scientific and technical projects supported by the Institute.

Organisation and team work

The CC-IN2P3 provides users with organisation management tools, especially a collaborative electronic messaging service, a directory and a conference management tool. The Centre also offers a webcast service that runs a live internet feed for events such as conferences, training sessions, school classes, etc.

IT project management

The CC-IN2P3 provides users with an array of tools to support their software development: a Redmine forge that enables project tracking, version control code hosting, especially via Gitlab whose main advantages are independence and collaboration, and a personalised service. Lastly, a continuous integration service, based on Jenkins, can be used to monitor project quality.

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