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Centre de Calcul IN2P3/CNRS
21 Avenue Pierre de Coubertin
69627 VILLEURBANNE cedex
Tél. : +33 (0) 4 78 93 08 80
Fax : +33 (0) 4 72 69 41 70

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IN2P3 CC scheduled outages

In order to allow a better planning to our end users a yearly calendar of the IN2P3 Computing Centre’s major maintenance dates is provided. At those dates it is very probable that most or even all services of the Centre are unavailable.
The increasing complexity of the systems managed makes an accurate coordination of their downtimes necessary. Setting up a long term planning serves to achieve this goal.
The dates of planned downtimes are available on our web site one year ahead .
Each  (...)

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Software engineering

The Computing Centre provides its users with different tools to help there developments:
the forge (redmine) for tracking issues, or documenting your project (wiki, and many more features)
l’code hosting:
Gitlab is Github clone (git hosting only). Its greatest strengths are user independence, and collaboration features.
SCM git, svn, cvs, or mercurial hosting. Customized/Accompanied service.
continuous integration, powered by Jenkins, for monitoring the quality of your code. Please  (...)

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Please find below the booklet of IN2P3 Computing Center (updated in 2010) :

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Video of the CC-IN2P3

Video of the CC-IN2P3 realized in collaboration with CapIngelec in September 2011, in the aim to present in particular the new computing room.

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The production release of PostgreSQL is 9.2.2 .
Many PostgreSQL clients are available. Some are implemented under application form like SQuirreL. Some dedicated language libraries (Python, C++) allow the developement of specific softwares.
PostgreSQL manuals are available here
Administration tool
To manage your PostgreSQL database, you can use pgAdmin V. 1.16.1. A Local Open Source administration and development  (...)

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New computer room pictures

You can see some pictures of the the new CCIN2P3 computer room.

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FAQ ? Referenced documents and Web Sites

Charter for the use of IT resources and Internet services
User’s guide
[ccali Interactive machines, AFS, SHELL
AFS account application form
To connect to CC (SSH)
Authentication and ACL (Access Control List)
Password modification
How to change the group
Shells au CC
Change your default shell
The different AFS spaces
Backup of the different AFS spaces
[jobs Batch, BQS, job submission
Submit a job
List of commands
Information about Grid Engine batch system utilisation
[soft  (...)

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Scheduled outages


Flux RSS In short

Shutdown of the sps service (/sps/hep/) on Monday 10/24

19 October 2016

To complete the migration of the /sps/hep space to the new servers, an intervention is planned (...)

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Changes in the scripts python_env.[c]sh

17 October 2016

Hello, Some modifications were made to the scripts python_env.[c]sh. From now on, an argument (...)

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